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External Antennas for Cradlepoint

Question: I have an Cradlepoint router with integrated modem and I would like to add some external antennas to it.  My Cradlepoint unit has 3 WiFi antennas and 2 Cell antennas. If I switch to external antennas can I use just one Wifi and one Cell antenna run to the outside of the building and leave the small indoor antennas attached to the remaining jacks or should I remove /terminate those?

Answer: Yes, it is okay to only use the primary ports for your external antennas and you can leave the remaining antenna ports with the small indoor antennas attached.  In the majority of cases, this will provide adequate signal and coverage. However, if you require absolute maximum speed, you should consider adding external antennas to both cellular ports.

Here is the cable you will need for the external cell antenna:

Here is the most common external cell antenna:

Or, if you need Verizon XLTE coverage (different than standard LTE), you’ll want this antenna:

Here is the cable you will need for the external WiFi antenna:
Connector 1: choose RP-SMA Male
Connector 2: choose N Male

This is the most popular external WiFi antenna:

The antennas are designed to be mounted to a pole. For a flat surface such as a wall or roof, this universal mount works well:

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