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How to install a crimp type connector on coax

  1. This is a general guide which outlines the basic concepts for installing any crimp style coax connector.
  2. Slide heat shrink onto the cable
  3. Slide the ferrule onto the cable
  4. Using a stripping tool or razor knife, cut back about 1/2″ of the coax down to the center conductor
  5. Be careful not to nick the center conductor
  6. Behind this, cut back the insulation only equal to the length of the ferrule
  7. Be careful not to nick the braid
  8. Cut back the center conductor to a length that is just slightly longer than the center pin needs to seat
  9. You should only have a tiny gap between the end of the center pin and the dielectric
  10. Solder the center pin in place, being sure to keep it straight and centered
  11. Check for a cold solder joint by trying to pull the center pin off of the cable
  12. Put the body on the cable with the braid on the outside of the connector
  13. Pull the ferrule up to sandwich the braid in between the ferrule and body
  14. Crimp the ferrule with the appropriate crimping tool
  15. Try to pull the connector off of the cable to test if the crimp was successful
  16. Check that you do not have a short using a continuity tester
  17. Pull the heat shrink over the ferrule and shrink
  18. For outdoor connections, be sure to use COAX-SEAL or some other type of mastic based tape to seal the connection

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