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 Can I use my existing TV or Satellite coax in my RV with the repeater?
 Has anybody mounted your antenna onto the top (or side of the shaft) of the standard "BatWing" TV antenna on almost all RV's? That way you can just "crank up" your antenna when you park.
 How can I keep other people from using my repeater? Can I enable encryption on my repeater?
 Are the Ethernet ports on the back of the repeater available for use?
 If I can't get this repeater working, can I call you for support?
 Can I get tech support if I need help using my equipment?
 Yes, you can use the WiFi repeater to connect to and repeat a wireless network with WEP or WPA encryption. Instructions on how to configure the repeater for encryption are included. In addition to connecting to and repeating a network that has encryptio
 What is the maximum length of the cable connecting the antenna and the repeater?
 How do I run a repeater unit on 12VDC power instead of AC?
 I want a wireless system inside my RV containing; 2-3 PC's, and 2-wireless printers.
 I am unable to connect after setting up encryption
 Repeater Cable Installation Through Roof
 The wireless ISP requires me to log in via a web page. Does the repeater support this?
 What is the difference between the USB Kit and the Repeater Kit?
 When a campground charges for Internet, will I be charged for each computer using the repeater?
 What is the size of the connector at the end of the coax cable? I need to know so I can get it through a wall.
 Can I get the repeater kit with a directional antenna like a panel or grid?
 Can I switch my repeater back to work as a conventional wireless router to work with a cable modem or other hardwired Internet source?
 Semi Permanent roof mounting idea for outside antenna.
 Can your WiFi products (antennas) be installed on the same pole as our DirecTV dish or will the two signals provide interference?
 Can I use the RV Repeater Kit at my House or Apartment (anything other than an RV)
 Can I use a directional antenna with the repeater instead of the omni-directional?
 Does the repeater automatically pick the strongest signal to repeat?
 How do I do a full reset of the Repeater to put it back to default settings?
 I see Linksys and/or DD-WRT has a new firmware version available. Can I apply their firmware update to the JEFA Tech Repeater?
 When I do a bandwidth test, the speed using the repeater is slightly slower than if I connect directly to the hotspot. Is this normal?
 What is the difference between the Repeater Kit and Long Range Connection (Bridge) Kit?
 I am unable to connect to and repeat the free WiFi from (McDonalds, Starbucks, other Free WiFi, etc) which is some distance away.
 Running Repeater Cable through outside wall - permanent install
 Which antenna port should I use to connect the external antenna?
 The settings saved on this computer do not match the requirements of the network
 Using Repeater with 220V in Europe
 XBox, Playstation, Wii, Roku, Boxee, Apple TV, iPad, etc.. Compatibility
 Signal is lower with outside antenna vs. rubber duck
 Replacement cable for RV Repeater Kit
 Can I paint the antenna?
 JEFA Tech Repeater Firmware 2.x Notice
 Routing coax cable to the outside of the RV through a slideout
 How to get the repeater cable outside
 My computer disconnect from the repeater or get "can not display webpage" when working with the repeater control panel
 [RESOLVED]: IOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) may drop the connection to the JEFA Tech WiFi Repeater during the initial setup process
 Unable to Connect to Repeater with MAC OS X
 [RESOLVED]: Changing SSID and/or setting Local Encryption
 Repeater "Disappears" After Setting up Encryption
 Connecting a Streaming Video Player to the Repeater - Roku AppleTV BluRay Netflix
 Does the Repeater allow me to specify which WiFi network to connect to?
 Can I disable broadcast of the RV hotspot's SSID?
 Can I have a NAS drive in my RV connected to the router for data?
 Repeater 802.11n Support
 Is there a USB port that could support a printer on the RV hotspot?
 Connecting the Repeater to a MiFi or Cellular 3G 4G Hotspot
 Can I mount the 15dBi antenna to my batwing TV antenna?
 Using Windows 10 - I used to be able to connect to the repeater's WiFi network. Now it won't connect.
 Can I use my own WiFi Router along with the Repeater?
 Will the WiFi Repeater repeat an iPhone hotspot signal?
 Why does my connection switch from the repeater to the local park's WiFi network?
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